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By wholesale hair vendors | 26 October 2021 | 0 Comments

7 suggestions for human hair extensions in 2022

We provide some suggestion about the human hair extensions in 2022. As per our clients, although the hair price still increase,the sales volume still drop in this Q4th.

1. You have to be prepared, the same quality hair, the price already increace 20% after the summer,  if you still get the hair as same as before the price, the quality must be different.

2. Try too change a new factory or partner, the hair factory has seen great changes in various sectors, especially in the manufacture, which is experiencing drastic shuffling. As per our new clients feedback, they receive the different quality goods, they found the previous factory already go broke. Not only the small factory, the big factory also face the problem. You have to spend some time to understand the new trend. If your partner products is simple, only the price is low, no own advantage, you have to keep your eyes on them.

3.If it is not too urgent, the custom made is much better than stock. The stocks are the regular quality, if the custom made, you can ask for more higher quality hair and so on. If so, your products have good feedback than normal stock products. Becuase of most factory and trade company already have their own online site. the sale price is much lower than local market. if you sell the same quality products, it is difficult to do it. you must have your own quality products.

4.Do not only sell the long size, if so, your cost will be higher 20% than all size.  your products should have 14" 16" 18" 20" 22" 24" , not only 20" 24"

5.If your brand is not famous, sell the blank brank is better(FSN OEM for Euro.socap and other famous brand, the same worker and product line, just no package with brand), you just introduce the goods is same worker and same production line as Euro.socap.  As per an our shop client, most clients would like to buy becasuse the price is lower

6. Do not touch the complex custom made wigs in short time, the production time is very long, and the China workers cost already much high, the hand-tied industry already is not ok in China, it will transfer to Vietnam,India,and other low labour country. Although the Vietnam,India,and other low labour country have no much techno now, the techno will be transfer after the convid-19. The China hand tied labour cost is 8-10 times than North Korea, no person would like to pay extra $100+ to buy the same products.

7. Test FSN sample, you will have a good try. Sncerely look forward we have a chance to work together in future.


Best Regards,

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