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By fsn hair vendor | 13 May 2021 | 0 Comments

What is FSN mean?

What is FSN mean
Fashionable, Silky, Natural. it is our factory service aim. a reliable hair vendor -www.fsnhair.com

We have a client visit our hair factory, she ask what is FSN mean. Although we manufacture the human hair wigsm and human hair extensions over than 20 years. But our factory name is not easy to remember, becasue of we never explain the brand mean.

When we build our factory, our aim is build a Fashionable, Silky, Natural wigs for customers, so we choose the frist letter for our brand. Afrer many year, we still work hard base on this aim, FSN hair is mainly do the high quality human hair wigs and hair extensions. Servie many OEM order for famous brand. 

Whether big customer or start hair business small customer, we all try our best to do each order. Don't hesitate, you can test our hair, you will have a good try.


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