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High Quality compare with Low Quality Hair Extensions



High Quality compare with Low Quality Hair Extensions

      Last several years, More and more young women would order hair extensions and front lace wigs online, but are you able to feel and know the hair quality by person before order the hair and wigs? we understand how super important it is for you to get the best hair extensions for your money. From the hair factory point of view, we are going to share you how to distinguish high-quality hair and low-quality hair extensions.

  There are four bundles of virgin Brazilian straight hair in the picture as below. A B C D

  We would like you to tell us which one is high-quality hair? and which one is low-quality hair? Which one is the middle-quality hair?

  Please look at the two hair bundles carefully?

  PS: we do the survey with our own wholesale virgin hair buyer, most the hair business beginners think the C is the best, second is the B, next is D the last is A

  Do you have your answers? If you guess D is high-quality hair, you are human hair expert. Yes, the best hair quality is D, B and C is same quality, the different is only the long hair ratio, the lower quality is A.
So here comes the question, the A is similar as D, why the D is the best quality hair? How to distinguish high-quality hair from low-quality hair? Let's show you the difference of hair bundles.

  Please kindly check the table as below,

    Hair Ends

  If you think the end of the hair is fuller, the hair must be good quality hair. You'll be in the wrong place. Most girl think the double drawn hair is best quality, Actually, the double drawn hair of the market is only middle quality, it is like apple X and apple X plus, the double drawn hair just was  removed the short hair, the hair quality is same. If you just distinguish the hair from the end of the hair, you will be throw money away because of the double drawn hair usually have very high price.

  But we have to think about the hair ends problem, if the end of the hair is very thin, the hair bundles must not a good quality, as least the end of the hair is natural layer. How to distinguish whether it is natural layer or thinner? First of all, with the low-quality hair, there would be a lot more short pieces of hair in the bundle. usually it is less 4 inch, the short hair ratio is very high, it is not natural layer. Usually this kinds hair bundles should be collected from the fallen hair on the ground instead of donors. And the low quality hair bundles was mixed the different length hair ratio, some factory add many short hair ratio in order to reduce the cost.
Good hair extensions definitely from donors since that all the roots are in one way and all the ends are in the other way. The hair cuticles are going to be aligned which would have less tangling. When you sway the hair a little bit, the low-quality hair is thinner and wave back and forth quickly while the high-quality virgin hair was bouncier and heavier.

  So it is not enough that we distinguish the hair quality from hair end, we have to distinguish the hair from other aspect.

  Touch & Feel

  This way it is the most direct, but you have to touch the hair first. You have to spend some money to test, at the beginning, you can buy the hair sample, 1-2 hair bundles to touch and feel the hair quality. If you do not want to spend anything on sample, if You're in luck, you can get the B C D, if just buy it because of the picture is beautiful, maybe you get A. It is very necessary for spend few money on stable hair vendor. But you also need to know the way how to find a good hair vendor online. If so, you will save some money.

  For the low-quality hair and the high-quality hair, the high quality one is going to be more silky to touch. The low-quality hair is going to be more frizzy and it is easily going to break when you run your fingers through. You will see a lot of broken shedding hair when you run your fingers down especially very quickly.

  This way is only can distinguish A vs D easily, but a beginner can not distinguish the A and B by this way, because of the hair A and B both are very silky before the first washing.

  First washing is important way to distinguish the hair. The oil, lubricant… will be removed. Good quality and bad quality will be obvious after the first washing.

  Hair Color

  The virgin hair usually is natural black color, because of the raw hair source is Asia area, the Brazilian hair is also black color, if you think you can get the real Brazil’s area hair, you must be a new :), please read why the Brazilian hair is from China, you will be clear the reason.

  The European virgin hair is brown color and dark brown color, but the European hair is very expensive, it is a small high end market, most of them for high-end wigs, it is not large circulation.

  The high-quality hair is still going to be in natural virgin color even a little grey hair in it. It has not been processed for hair texture and color while low-quality hair is probably dyed to cover the defective hair. PS: with very few white hair or grey hair, it is not low quality distinction. The high-quality hair can be bleach and dyed the color easily because it is no any chemical processing. For the low quality hair, it would be very hard to bleach or re-color.

  How to distinguish the hair quality by hair color? You can tell which one was better based on the shine. Usually, good hair tends to have a more realistic luster.

  Hair useful life

  Also, high-quality hair is going to last you a long time, which should last you at least 1-2 year especially with continued use and with good maintenance. We have a customer which have had some virgin hair that lasted 3 to 4 years because she take really great care of the hair. But the low-quality hair, it is probably going to last you, maybe a month or two. And it is just going to look crazy. The high-quality hair every time when you wash it, it just gets better and better. With low-quality hair, you are going to wash it like two to three times and the hair is going to get more coarse, more and more tangling and it is just going to look crazy. So wash hair, it is best way to distinguish the hair quality. if you wash your hair two to three times, then you notice it looks like it is really frizzy, really coarse, you probably have low-quality hair rather than high-quality hair.

  Hair Prices

  Of course, the high-quality hair is going to cost more than the low-quality hair, but the high-quality hair would last longer. You just need to find a balance, in fact, you could get more back for your money if you choose the high-quality hair.
However, it does not means that the more expensive hair is always better. It depends on your channel, many customers have not buy the hair through the International channel, because of they are worry about the high custom tax, high shipping cost, but when you test it, you find the shipping cost is not too high, USA UK… and other country almost have no tax for hair and wigs if the quantity is not too much. If your quantity is less 100 units wigs, you do not need think about the tax problem. The European Union country have 25% tax, but the cost is much lower than local retail price.
You may order good quality but cheap hair extensions from some factory based hair extensions suppliers like FSN Hair Factory. Due to no mid-agencies involved, they offer good quality hair at very competitive factory prices. Those we list in the article are just a few ways that you could distinguish high-quality hair from low-quality hair. If you have any comments or questions, please leave message or mail us because we would like to help you out. Nobody wants to wast their money because we works hard for their money and doesn't want to waste it on low-quality hair.

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