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Inject Wigs Machine

The Ⅲ new generation wigs machine and men toupee machine, replace the traditional hand tied inject technology for hand tied wigs and men's toupee,finish a wigs or toupee within one hour
$ 299.00

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  • Hair Injection Machine for Wigs

    When you place the order, plese kindly check our Youtube video(fsnwigs) first how to use the machine. If any question, feel free to mail us first. the machine is work well for injection wigs/polyester wigs/skin wigs/pu wigs/ and closure. The injection way is no hair knot, fix the hair by glue. if you do not know how to made the wig, please kindly confirm with us before purchasing.

    Please kindly mail us before order the machine, we will send you the machine price and needles price, do not pay through the online directly,  Because we have to confirm more details.

    if any question for hair injection machine for lace wigs and hair injection machine for wigs USA feel free to mail us. 

    FSN technical patent: FSN 
    The Ⅲ new generation wigs machine and men toupee machine

    replace the traditional hand tied inject technology for hand tied wigs and men's toupee

    finish a wigs or toupee within one hour

    Need not wait 1-2 months again

    DIY custom made wigs machine, all skin wigs, men toupee, injected topper/closure.



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