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Custom Logo Tags Process, FSNWIGS factory can only custom made your own Brand logo tags/labels.We will keep the logo tags at our factory and use them up for your continuous orders, or send the logo tags to you together with your other hair orders.
$ 10.00

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  • Custom Logo Tags | Custom hair labels for Virgin Hair Bundles and customized hair extensions

    a. The logo tags are not for individual order.

    We will keep the logo tags at our factory and use them up for your continuous orders, or send the logo tags to you together with your other hair orders.

    b. Price $10 for 100 pieces is including design fee, excluding shipping charge.

    c. Free logo tags service for order quantity more than 50 hair bundles.

    d. FSNWIGS factory would not accept return and refund for custom logo tags.

    e. FSNWIGS factory can only custom made your own Brand logo tags/labels.

    Custom Logo Tags Process for Best customized hair extensions

    a. Place an order online and make the payment.

    b. Sent your Logo name to FSN WIGS INC. Customer Service:

    c. We will send the tag layouts for your approval in 2 days.

    d. Delivery 2 days after you approve the tag layouts.

    Questions And Answers:

    Q. What is the size of Brand logo tags?

    A. Generally the wrap size is 9 x 4cm, however, we can also custom made the size per your request.

    Q. How many days to make the logo tags?

    A. It will us take total 3-4 days, 2 days for layouts approval and 1 day for printing the tags.

    Q. Do you guys offer sample labels?

    A. We suggest that we can put the sample labels in your order package, instead of paying the extra shipping fee.

    Q. What does “keep in FSNWIGS” means?

    A. Generally, we would make tags 100pcs and keep the quantities in our factory. And will use them up for continuous orders in the future.



    Custom hair labels are personalized labels that can be attached to human customized hair extensions hair products, packaging, or branding materials to represent a specific hair brand or product line. These labels are often designed to convey brand identity, provide essential information, and create a recognizable and professional appearance. Here are some key considerations and steps for creating custom hair labels:

    1. Brand Logo and Name:

      • Include your hair extensions logo, brand's logo and name prominently on the label. These elements should be clear, visually appealing, and consistent with your overall brand identity.
    2. Color Scheme:

      • Choose a color scheme that aligns with your brand and product packaging. Consistent use of colors helps in brand recognition.
    3. Label Size and Shape:

      • Determine the appropriate size and shape for your labels based on the packaging or product they will be applied to. Labels should fit well and complement the overall design.
    4. Material and Finish:

      • Select the material and finish for your labels. Common label materials include paper, vinyl, or synthetic materials. The finish can be glossy, matte, or textured based on your aesthetic preferences.
    5. Information and Details:

      • Clearly communicate important information on the label, such as product name, key features, usage instructions, and any certifications or product specifications.
    6. Font and Typography:

      • Choose legible fonts and typography that match your brand's style. Consistency in font usage across labels and other branding materials is important.
    7. Images and Graphics:

      • Incorporate relevant images or graphics that complement your brand and showcase the essence of your hair products. This could include images of the hair type, style, or any unique features.
    8. Compliance and Legal Information:

      • Ensure that your labels comply with any legal requirements or regulations for hair care products. Include necessary information such as ingredients, warnings, and usage instructions.
    9. Printing Quality:

      • Invest in high-quality printing to ensure that your labels look professional and are durable. Clear, sharp printing enhances the overall appearance of the product.
    10. Testing and Prototyping:

      • Before mass production, consider testing the label design with prototypes. This allows you to evaluate how the labels will look on the actual products and make any necessary adjustments.
    11. Supplier or Printing Partner:

      • Choose a reliable supplier or printing partner to produce your custom hair labels. Look for a provider with experience in creating labels for beauty and hair care products.
    12. Application Method:

      • Consider the application method for your labels. Depending on the packaging, you may choose adhesive-backed labels, hang tags, or other application methods.

    Custom hair labels with hair extensions logo play a crucial role in establishing brand identity and conveying important information to consumers. Take the time to create a design that aligns with your brand vision and effectively communicates the qualities of your hair products.


    FAQ about the Hair extensions logo tags lable

    1. How long delivery time for the customized hair extensions label?

        FSN wigs hair factory have own print company partner, we can print the hair extensions logo lable within 1 week after confrim the parper work.

    2. How about the quality about the hair extension logo lable?

        There are different materials for the different quality hair products, some clients like the paper, some clients like the plastic, both of them can be made.

    3.  How to choose the hair tags lable for Human customized hair extensions?

         FSN WIGS INC have the paperwork designer, you can send mail to talk the design of the logo or package. FSN wigs work with many hair extesnions and wigs Brand, most of the package were made in FSN hair factory.


     If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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