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3 in 1 wigs closure and new tape hair extensions machine

The machine can made the skin closure, skin wigs, polyester wigs/men toupee and new injection tape hair extensions. because of the convid-19, international situation is not good, many girls have to stay at home. If want to do something, DIY wigs and hair extensions is a good choices. Not only save the money on wigs, but also you can sell them.
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Machine and Needles
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    Please kindly mail us to order the machine:  we have the stock, can deliver the machine within 2days. Do not buy the machine on site directly because we have to confirm the details.  


     3 in 1 closure and new tape hair extensions machine


    The machine can made the skin closure, skin wigs, polyester wigs/men toupee and new injection tape hair extensions. because of the convid-19, international situation is not good, many girls have to stay at home. If want to do something, DIY wigs and hair extensions is a good choices. Not only save the money on wigs, but also you can sell them.


    FSN WIGS INC provide whole tools, machine and materials. you can control the machine well within 1 days.



    For the silk skin closures, because of FSN 3 in 1 machine is small and works easy, can do any size closure as different requirement. It is no hair knot, the closure is natural and durable. The fresh man can control well FSN 3 in 1 machine within 1 day.


    For the new tape hair extensions, FSN wigs Inc reduce the labor cost for skin tape hair extensions, in the past, only the rich person can wear the skin tape hair extensions, because of the handtied cost is 5-8times than normal tape hair extensions. FSN wigs Inc continuous technological innovation, invent the new tape hair extensions machine. solve the high cost problem and the quality is more better and stable than handtied tape hair extensions. More and more girls can wear the new tape hair extensions.


    the new tape hair extensions is much cheaper than old method way, and the density is much heavy, the traditional tape hair extensions only have one layer, the hair is very thin. The new tape have 6 layers, the density is heavy and natural than traditional one.



    For the wigs, If use the machine, we suggest the customer with some experience for hair. E.g. the hair salon, hair replacement workshop. If fresh person, you have to know the wigs basic knowledge, and have to spend some time do the practice. Usually you can control well the machine within 2 weeks, if you do the practice.  The machine is not work for lace mesh, can not made full lace wigs, please kindly note. The machine work for Jewish wig top closure, all skin wigs, all skin men toupee, pu wigs, pu closure, pu men toupee, polyester wigs/toupee, silicone wigs. It can make eyebrow and beard. Invisible hair knot.






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